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We proudly manufacture the SATERN® cut rifled barrels using the single point rifling method.
And now we also manufacture all LIBERTY BARRELS® button rifled barrels 100% in house.

The LIBERTY BARRELS® brand barrels are offered in lots of 10 or more, see our button barrel page for more information.

We are proud to offer both brands and look forward to meeting your barrel needs.

The chambers for the 6.5 Grendel and the throat are all SAAMI compliant. We cannot police ammunition manufacturers. Whichever bullet they put into a 6.5 cartridge is up to them, not our company. If your factory ammunition is not working with our SAAMI chamber, then you will need to contact them directly and complain.

We are using Go and No-Go gauges made to SAAMI specifications made by 3 different manufacturers, to cross check all barrels before they leave our shop. One thing to remember is that as long as the Go gauge is accepted into the chamber of the 6.5 Grendel barrel, it is a Grendel. We also have 3 reamer manufacturers who make our reamers and all of them are SAAMI compliant and have the same compound throat.

Here is how the history of the Grendel goes: Arne Brennan conceived the Grendel. Bill Alexander was introduced to Arne by John Fawcett. Alexander Arms adopted the compound throat from Lothar Walther. Alexander Arms then submitted it to SAAMI through Hornady. SAAMI adopted it the way Bill Alexander submitted it. We contacted SAAMI and they will not change the specifications. It is what it is.

With all that said, we are offering the Grendel II it will have the same throat as a 6.5x47 Lapua throat. By having the compound throat scraped out, it will allow for all forms of 6.5 bullets to be accepted. It is head spaced exactly the same as the 6.5 Grendel as is specified by the SAAMI drawings. We have OEMs and individual customers who have had zero difficulty with the compound throat. The throat change itself will be free of charge, but there will be a $20.00 return shipment fee. You can send your barrel and bolt to the below address, along with a note with your name, a return address, and contact phone number. We will call you before the barrel is scraped for shipping payment information. Thank you.


33 South 18th St

Estherville Iowa 51334


From raw materials to the finished product, our barrels are manufactured in house. From drilling to reaming to rifling, our superior quality comes from proprietary machinery, all  developed and built with SATERN® ingenuity.

So if you're searching for barrels that SHOOT like no other, choose SATERN® barrels that are MADE like no other!

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We respect your ideas and they will remain your ideas should you choose to share them with us. We are not in the business of copying your hard work.

We are in the business of making your idea a reality with you. Call us to discuss your project. In a world driven by the almighty dollar we strive to make the best product we can at a fair price. Honesty and integrity in all of our dealings is the rule we live by.



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Satern Custom Machining, Inc.
33 South 18th Street
Estherville , IA 51334
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